Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a creative field in which you will get to learn about how business works and how we can market that business with various Digital Marketing Platforms. This course will help to gain exposure in understanding the different aspects of Business and the media used to promote this business. By Learning Digital Marketing, you will get the exposure to work in many different fields like IT, Software Development, Digital Marketing Industry, Advertising Industry, Real Estate, and Many More.

These Course will help you to decide your career path and How to move ahead in these Digital Marketing Revolutionary World. The Digital Marketing Certification Course offers a range of sets with a robust industrial Knowledge which is a focus and has been designed to develop students’ critical thinking, communication, and professional skills, which are required in these upcoming Technological Market.

Upgrade your Skills In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Training allows students the versatility to decide which business system they wish to pursue.

Students gain an in-depth knowledge of business principles through the digital marketing course and get ready to develop specialized skills in a field of digital marketing through the study of a specialization.

EKA Institute of Digital Marketing responds quickly to the needs of industry and businesses and provides students with expanded digital marketing skills that consolidate technology including digital tools.

The digital marketing course covers all phases and teaches students how to optimize digital marketing channels and create strategies and tactics in the connection of Online Marketing (SEO and SEM), Web Analytics, Designing the User Experience, Promoting The Digital Content, Online Digital Consumers, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Video Marketing.

  • - Marketing Fundamentals Online VS Offline Marketing
  • - The Science of Keyword Research
  • - Website Analysis & Content Optimization
  • - On page Activities and Their Factors
  • - Content Marketing
  • - Traffic Generation
  • - Social Media and Its Impact on Business
  • - How To Leverage Social Media & Grow The Brands Digitally
  • - Monetizing youtube to Grow The Business
  • - Email Marketing & Its way for Business Communication
  • - E-commerce Platforms for Product Selling

Learning Outcomes

  • - The Student with well-developed awareness of Professional Skills in the field of digital marketing.
  • - The Student Can Execute All Digital Marketing Projects Independently.
  • - The Student will able to evaluate their own and others' work and will be more analytical thinker and problem solver.
  • - The Student will well-developed skills and proficiencies to communicate and respond efficiently and competently across different connections and diverse workplace cultures.
  • - The Student will have the keen ability to understand the business models and to grow and expand the businesses across the world.

Who should do this digital marketing course?

  • - Students are willing to start their career in digital marketing.
  • - Individual Professional - Who want to grow & upgrade their post.
  • - Business Owners - Who Want to Grow their Brand Digitally
  • - Marketers - Who want to learn about marketing strategies to grow their business.

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